Lorenzo Lasagna

is a design–thinking

brand strategist

based in New York.

Find out more about the strategic process.


Inspired by design–thinking:

As an interdisciplinary thinker with a strategic marketing preparation and a passion for design, I took inspiration from design thinking  for my personal approach to brand strategy.

01 Understand

Understanding the brand's business challenge and its customers is an essential step. It's more than just research: it's about immersing in the brand, isolating exactly what needs to be done, and empathizing with the audience by meeting people in their environment, have conversations, consume what interests them. 

02 Explore

Exploring is where the fun begins, after generating insights from understanding, it's time to come up with a new message 

and try different communications and brand solutions for a campaign.

03 Materialize

Theorizing a brand strategy is good, but coming up with concrete steps to put it in action is even better. ​I take satisfaction in finding ways for implementing, sustaining, and tracking results for a campaign or brand solution in real life.

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