Verizon #ConnectionUnlocked:

Bridging the gap between a premium network and music fans.


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Brand immersion

Verizon is a premium telecommunication provider in the US with an award-winning network for speed, reliability, and coverage. Brand attributes include: fast, premium, and trustworthy. 


As an incentive for their premium pricing, they offer add-ons like a complimentary subscription to Apple Music, exclusive access to concert tickets, and other perks to new users as a key differentiator to get customers to switch from competing networks. 

Isolating the business challenge

With the aim of getting more users to switch to its premium network, Verizon tasked us to come up with a way for music fans to immerse in the world of their favorite artists.

We set the goals of leveraging the brand existing leadership in music offerings, and finding out a way to get fans to immerse in the world of their favorite artists. 

How can we get music fans to switch to Verizon for its music offerings?


Empathizing with users and music listeners

Good research always keeps the main user in mind. With the intent of finding out more about young daily music listeners, we spoke with consumers within that segment (18-24 years old music fans) to find out their attitudes towards music listening.


Relevant threads came up, like people listening to music mostly on their phones, having an emotional attachment to the music they listen to, and having a set of preferred artists they follow. However, even if they listened to their music everyday, these artists often feel distant and removed from their daily lives. 


"I always listen to music on my phone, it feels like my background"


Research findings

By digging deeper, we found relevant data about our target audience and their music listening habits. They are already likely to purchase an Apple Music subscription and have the ability to switch carriers. Our research confirmed that they are mobile-first, and we found that podcast listening is on the rise amongst them.

After empathizing and understanding young daily music listeners, we started exploring possible insights areas. Beyond just listening to music on their phone, music fans feel a deep connection to their music throughout their day to day life, but they often feel disconnected from their favorite artists. 


True Music fans feel a deep connection to their music, but they feel disconnected from the artists.

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Get your favorite artists on your phone in an accessible, authentic, and relatable way.

Brand Solution

To make artists feel more accessible to music fans, the proposed brand solution is to introduce #ConnectionUnlocked by Verizon. An exclusive podcast series released on Apple Music where artists can share with fans real life experiences in some of their favorite cities.


Verizon can leverage artists that already have partnership with, each one sharing their unique experiences that connect them to fans in a specific city. 

The campaign customer journey would look something like this:

Implementing the campaign

Initially teased over Instagram stories, users will have the possibility to win exclusive concert tickets. The #ConnectionUnlocked podcast will be available through a microsite where listeners can find a map of the places the artist mentions so they will be able to visit those spots in real life. 

Potential campaign extensions include local activations in the podcasts's selected cities, and the opportunity for listeners to win a chance to meet artists.

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This program is projected to be sustainable, as current artists can nominate new ones to get featured on the podcasts, while Users will be invited to share their own personal stories on social media with the hashtag #Connection Unlocked for a chance to win tickets and prizes.


Tracking results 

Measurable metrics for the campaign success include the number of conversions and reach of the #ConnectionUnlocked campaign and podcast, by measuring the number of people who entered their phone number to get unlimited access, podcast listeners, new Verizon accounts opened and the brand lift from user-generated content.

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